B.C.G.G. 1 oz.






Twice each day take a pea-size or smaller amount of B.C.G.G. during or after meals. B.C.G.G. may be inserted into gelatin capsules. Those with sensitive stomachs should add the pea-size amount of B.C.G.G into a water glass then add approximately one half inch or less of very warm water to dissolve the B.C.G.G.. then add milk, soy milk or other protein beverage or juices - tomato, prune, etc.
Always take with food. Drinking a beverage afterwards is helpful. If severe persistent nausea develops, discontinue for a few days and temporarily reduce dosage and/or call 307-266-5310.

You should continue this B.C.G.G. Herbal Program for at least one year. You may reduce dosage or discontinue after consulting with us. B.C.G.G. can also be applied topically or used in brushing your teeth. For more information call 307-266-5310.
Not to be mixed in the same container with our other herbal compounds or formulas, this may lessen its benefits.
Chlorophyllin, Sanguanaria canadensis, Impations pallida, Hydrastis canadensis, Ferula galbaniflua, zinc. 
1 oz.

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B.C.G.G. 1 oz.
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